Each wedding package is customized to fit your needs for your wedding day. Packages start at 4 hours of coverage and go up to a full 10 hour wedding day for full coverage! I offer a variety of options to custom fit your needs for your special day!

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You're engaged?! 

We don’t believe that wedding photography is one-size-fits-all!  We serve a very specific type of bride who recognizes that if she wants joyful, genuine portraits of herself & her new groom.. She needs an incredible EXPERIENCE! The first step towards working with us is determining if we are the perfect fit for you! After getting to know you online, we’ll determine if we’re a match made in heaven and then we’ll move on to the booking process! 

Yay!! Now let’s make sure your date is safe and secure so that we can make this dream a reality!!! We’ll send you a custom online booking proposal where you can review your package and pay your deposit to make everything officially official! it’s time to get started!! ... Engagement pics!


Save the Date!

Once we’re 8 weeks out from your big day, we’ll start making sure that we’re completely prepared and ready for your wedding! We will get together and create a custom timeline together as weddings can sometimes be stressful! I want to make sure you don’t miss out on your dream wedding photos! 




Wedding Day!

It’s here! It’s time to celebrate, relax and let us get to work! We believe in telling the full story of your wedding days. This day is going to be a blur to you and so we make it a priority to capture the traditional shots that every bride needs while also capturing the moments in between in a creative & unique way.  After the wedding day, you’ll be featured on our Blog! We like to share our weddings while everyone is still on cloud nine from the big day instead of keeping our couples waiting!

You don't realize how important
a photograph is until
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Elopements offer a more intimate and personal experience, save money, and allow for more flexibility in location and timing compared to traditional weddings. They can provide a more meaningful and stress-free way to celebrate a couple's love. 

Let's plan your getaway!


- 4 hour
- Full coverage
-Full coverage + Engagement
Second Photographer
Custom Photo album 


let's create a visual story that showcases the love and connection between you and your fiance. This involves working with the couple to choose a location, setting up the shots, and directing the couple to create natural poses candid and stage with fun interactions.




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